My success

I have already sent 12 envelopes and received 6 feedbacks.It is not surprising.Usually it takes 3 months to receive something back.

16.12.2014-Thomas Brodie-Sangster,Chandler Riggs

29.12.2014-Josh Hutcherson,Jennifer Lawrence,Johnny Galecki,Jim Parsons,Dylan O´Brien and the last two I do not remember :P

11.2.2015-Steven Yeun,Andrew Lincoln,Jake Short

14.5.2015-I bought online on eBay personalized signature of Chandler Riggs

13.5.2015 On Facebook "my personalized autograph for sale in case you can't make it to a convention" -Chandler Riggs


 6.2.2015-Chandler Riggs autographed photos with dedication  "To:Adriana"

23.4.2015-Andrew Lincoln autographed photos with dedication and green paper

18.5.2015 Jennifer Lawrence autographed photos

18.5.2015 Johnny Galecki autographed photo

21.5.2015 Chandler Riggs autographed photo with dedication "To Adriana with love"

18.7.2015 Josh Hutcherson autographed photo "Live Life"