Meeting of John Newman


Today we met John Newman.We were flying from Vien to London-Heathrow.At first,I noticed him on the stairs,he was before us and we were the last passengers.He had the same haircut as usual with coloured blond stripe,wearing sunglasses-pilots,black shiny leather jacket,black trousers and shoes,and men suitcase.He was quite tall.His manager,shorter man with reddish beard had men suitcase and also bigger one.He was wearing black suit and talking to John.They came in and they were sitting in the end of VIP class.John was sitting on seat F and his manager was on D.We were very far from them,but we were pretending that we want to ask something stewards and walk through all the plane.We were talking about not very interesting stuff and then we asked:"Is it John Newman?"She responded,that no,it's definitely not.When we were returning to our seats,I noticed,that he has a tattoo on the neck and tattoo 'Journeys' on the left  arm.He had glasses on and he looked like he is sleeping.So we didn't bother him.

When we arrived at London-Heathrow,stewards told us that it was John Newman going to Los Angeles by Terminal 5,but his plane was leaving at 9.45,gate closed at 9.35 and we didn't catch him.

                                                Later john posted pictures on facebook and twitter